Neuni Office

Neuni Group, with the aim of bringing design and innovation to a place within reach, is an integrated space for digital design, digital fabrication, innovative education, brand hatching, and flash store sales.


Neuni lab is an intelligent laboratory for industrial technology innovation. It is a platform which connects digital design and the manufacture of real and innovative materials. We respect the original design and comply with the needs of the industry. We use the concept and tools of industry to accelerate the landing of design and provide solutions for industrial innovation.


Neuni library is the first new material library with more than 10000 materials in China. Our online database has more than 7000 reference materials carefully selected by engineers, designers and researchers from all over the world.


Neuni reception is a space for designers, artists, educators, engineers and creators to communicate, brainstorm and expand interpersonal networks. We can talk freely while having coffee.


We respect all the art creations and are willing to help all artistic creators share their ideas with the world.

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  • Shanghai China

  • 2015

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