Suhe Creek Urban Renewal Cases Exhibition

Suzhou river embrace a wonderful history since the ancient time, crowded with ships and merchants. Owns the reputation of “The Ample Barn” “the treasure vase” and “The cradle of trade and industry”, once was the famous “Northern Market” of Shanghai, it compiled the chamber of commerce in Shanghai, 17 banks, as well as financial warehouse. A big number of historical celebrities attracted to settle here, they telling the story of the ancient city and witnessed it up and down, continuous reproduction breeds in an endless succession. Today, Suzhou river is the “Bay of Fortune”, one of the nesting zone of Shanghai modern service industry, a “New Engine” in the development of Southwest industrial strategy during the 12th five years plan in Zhabei district. The generally exploitation of Suzhou bay is a creation to inherit the history culture and succeeded the modern spiritual. In the prophase of the development, they have invited 4 offices to join the setting of design concept, which including the international top level master — Norman Foster. At the invitation of chamber commerce in Shanghai, Yihe packaging factory and The warehouse of banking group, the restructure plan also included some international master, Liu Xiaodon and Yan Peiming, the international famous artist join the artist studio as well. Suzhou Bay using the cultural-oriented developing strategy, presents a new landmark for the urban integration during the progress of sustainable development.

In the future, with the concept of “throughout the ages”, “opening attitude” and “widely appealing taste”, Suzhou river will be “The New Landmark” during the development of shanghai urban. With the help of unique resources in Suzhou river, the branch exhibition using this concept as the theme, starts from the project, put forward the title of “The Footprint of city& The legend of offshore area”, setting an important topic – building is a substantial part of city, the protection and heritage should be attached a great importance. The exhibition guided by the superior historical building besides the Suzhou river, use different time line, structure space, taking a heritage and integrate to historical building. By the refreshing of city, activate the life of building. On the basis of combining the old and new among building, art, designation and human culture, a lot of creation event occurred during this time, which recollect the city memory for everyone. After the integration of history and creation, heritage and fusion, more city space and living resource will be discovered.

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  • Suhe Creek Urban Renewal Cases Exhibition

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  • 2017

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