Vanke Yantaishan Heritage Museum

The design of Yantaishan reception center are generally consist of four parts, a forward hall, two permanent hall and a temporary hall

For the forward hall, in addition to its function of the entrance reception, it also has to display the overall history background of Yangtaishan. By using a part of outdoor façade of the 17 consulate and a multi-language dialog among them, the scene of flourishing culture, economy and trading in the pride time of Yantaishan have redisplay in front of us.

Permanent hall A, is a source of the history of Yantaishan. For the limit space of this exhibition, we try to highlight the importance of salt by use the model of mountain salt to display its shape, and we can also read the history background during that time from the projecting of some historical photo and picture on the shape of the white salt. In order to protect original wall of the structure, the importance of the Yantaishan landform be read by the mountain shape neon light.

Permanent hall B, displaying the heyday of Yantaishan. Of course, it is impossible to display every details during the 60-80 years for a curtain number of great events relating to politic, economy and culture. The VR room in the hall will gathering some photos from the rebuilding period of Fujian province in to a virtual space to show the scene of Yantaishan a hundred years ago. By this, we can find that Fuzhou city was of great importance and activity. Then the scene will fly through the empty space through a drawing line, it will have a transition from the virtual into real. With the animation path flying among the building to attract the attention of visitors instead of noticing the lack of a full view of scene for the shortage images. The slowly, gently and fluently moving will create a real experience for the visitors.

The temporary hall as a supplement for the pre-space, it will be flexible for the content and space. The initial exhibition using the door and windows from the demolishing of US assembly. It was not only a salute to original building, but also helping to extent the superior spiritual from the old building to the current or later future. Meanwhile, for flexible adjustment of the shelfs height and photos location, the integrity and flexible of temporary hall could be retain. The first exhibition aims at suppling the permanent exhibition, and will focus on the religion, education and citizen culture of Yantanshan.

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