“NEUNI FOR HER” as a fresh concept of Neuni, being brought to Lippo Plaza. With the complete of the concept shop, Neuni comes with female consumption, wants to bring a fresh production experience for Her, help them away from everything relating to expected or imposed.

Except from the theme of “Female”, our brand also available for the designing purchaser, DIY amateur as well as art lover. Everything including the jewelry, stationery and exclusive art works, can reflect that the shop admire eclecticism. The inspiring interior design aims to provide an environmental for exhibiting art, selling unique design and providing a workshop for female.

Here, you can find some fresh things, about yourself, for yourself and being yourself.

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  • NEUNI FOR HER-Lippo Plaza

  • Branding /interior/Exhibition

  • architecture

  • China

  • 2017

  • Complete