Aims for public benefit, the “Green. Reproduction” Exhibition requires for an equipment sizing within 3m*3m*3m, with the cooperation with manufacture, bring a new lift to the throwaway Material. Due to this special requirement, the first thing we should do is forwarding to the manufactory, looking for the source of design–material.

We have find a certain number of metal material, like metal panel, steel pipe as well as some timber and so on… For the equipment will a first show in the “Shanghai Design Week” in Jingan Park, we wish this equipment will both of publicity and interactivity. The concept from our designer is to create a practicing activity achieved by its formal and function. Through this, it comes to us the most basical human activity–breathing, therefore, the process of this activity will become a visible concrete image, creating a spacing activity among the interior and exterior transfer. The gathering of the party-left balloon and the daily-discarding steel, the complexion of soft and hard comes out. The co-existing of the contradictory material brings a new possibility of space massing. For the application of the equipment, we have providing many concept, the first and most initial act is blowing, through the blowing gas comes from the experiencer, the size of the balloon changed accordingly. The participation of human caused the change of thickness of the balloon wall, and causing the spacing extent for the interior and exterior, let different experiencer have different spacing feeling. The expanding balloon is the media for transferring act of breathing into a certain of physical change. At the same time, we have imaged other interesting points for the activity, for example, equipping the light and some perfume inside the balloon, During the process of night falls or the balloon broken, instead of the frozen or the ending for this equipment, but a beginning of another status


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