Barfuss Yacht Club Shanghai Expo Terminal L6

The club is located inside the Houtan park of Shanghai Pudong EXPO. In contrast to the hustle and bustle of downtown, the club is surrounded by beautiful scenery. The concept of soft façade material is also applied in the design. Instead of using the free-hanging fabric, we try to use a colorful red textile, in order to made a dynamic effect to correspond with the fluid river as well as the floating sail. The red structure shaping of wave would bring a stronger visual contrast against the surrounding scenery.


The ground floor of the club is the F&B area, while the 2ed level is a high-ending night club. The club in Binjiang city is possessing 120sqm boutique shops, open plaza and private club. The streamline weave strips extending from the outside façade into the inside space, which becomes a place for private party. In contrast to the soft outside façade, the concrete wall forms a solid backbone of this building. The outside façade of the private club follows the same architect language of main building, that is the streamline. In order to have s fluency change from public space into private space, the material of façade change from weave to copper accordingly. Meanwhile, the combination of concrete, glazing and metal provide a kind of design both modern and futuristic. The L6 can be reckoned as a fresh red rose while the L1 is an elegant white one.

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  • Barfuss Yacht Club Shanghai Expo Terminal L6

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