Shanghai Great World

After the history of 100 years, the great world not just an encyclopedia recording the historical folk entertainment activities of china, but a mirror to reflecting the past and displaying the future. It is a perennial integrated indoor amusement park, the only one opera market in the world. During the past 90 years, it not merely provides a performance site for dozens of theatre company, but of great help for a good deal of fork opera and opera variety, cultivated many famous operators. In that very real sense, the great world is an incubate for creative talent whose require for an operation under a purely commercial operation.

For modern entertainment, the great world providing a train of thought to providing the majority of citizen an integrated entertainment place. While, for now, what we can do is just providing some entertainment activity for a small group of people. — Guangyuan Yu

100 years later, in 2017. It is a key to concentrate the hundred years of history in to current architecture by use a fresh design language, which will help the great world to integrate traditional Chinese culture as well as the world superior culture, and lead them walking into a further future.


The Integration of Chinese and Western

Time Machine

The architecture of the great world is a carrier of history. Since 2017, it went through several rebuild and extension. A great number of performing companies, entertainer from different industry and operators entering into this magical place. The meaning of the great world has far beyond the building itself.

For the public space of great world, like the corridor and atrium, it is more important for its content instead of formal.
The time machine is an example for the project. For the space layout, we were made a combination between time and space. The lower the space is, the longer for the time, the applying of technology would be less, the consumption would be cheaper accordingly. Despite there have no any obvious division, the travelers will feel the time passing by the functional decoration when they going up through the traveling process.

The great world has a western style outside with the Chinese style inside, it reveals the integrated culture of Chinese and Western. Many western scholars tend to cares about the Shanghai-Culture, but ignored its characteristic of gathering the entertainment project from the entire nation or the entire world. The Integration of Chinese and Western is an important way of thought or an approach for many space design. For example, we can find some in some tattoo for decoration which from the 20th to 50th century for old shanghai.


The integration of old and new

During the design of exhibition display, it is cannot be avoided to use the technology/multimedia way to display the ancient culture. We are willing to adopt the way like, experiencing or atmosphere building to attract the visitors interest on the culture of great world, instead of a textbook way of narration. In public space, we use the way of made the old style from the old, showing the original images of this space. In every independent exhibition space, we decorate different content of performance or exhibition with different times of displaying language.

Art and Technology

During the application of art and technology, we wish to achieve a balance by adopting an exhibition experience upon the contemporary era. By using the latest technology –Virtual Reality, bring the visitors into the era of old Shanghai. By the integration between the new and old material, the sound-proofing problems can be avoided. It would be a greater presentation when the old objects and some antiques can be seen everywhere on the modern stage.  In the L4 and rooftop, we will enjoy a more modernize and more futuristic way of art and performance.

Traffic Flow


There have 2 major entrance for the great world, the one is the tower entrance located at the intersection of east Yanan road, south Xizhang road, another is the VIP and staff entrance located at Ninghai road. Except for the inside lifts and stairs, the great world has 3 galleries as well. An inside gallery facing towards the great stage, and the two outside galleries located at L2 and L3 are set for the rest of visitors.

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